A bit about these silks ...

Silk Ranch apparel is ethically made using sustainable, up cycled and vintage fabric from formerly loved Indian sarees.

The saree dress is believed to have originated in the Indus Valley as early as 2800 BC. The saree is the national dress of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The word in Sanskrit translates as strip of cloth and usually measures between 6-9 yards of fabric. This is why so much useable silk may remain after the saree has become worn, stained or tired.

Draping a saree is something of an art. The piece is wrapped around the waist, pleated, tucked and draped over one shoulder. They are worn over a blouse (choli) and long skirt or petticoat.

As with all fashion, colors and patterns change over time. Red is a traditional color of choice for a bride. 

Silk Ranch clothing makes best use of the borders and undamaged yardage from recycled silks. The smocked elastic and flowing designs takes advantage of the most beautiful features of the original saree to create wearable art that is comfortable and easy to style.

Wear your art and love your clothes forever.