Vintage silks, vintage denim and dreaming.

It started with the silks.  Vintage sari silk sourced from India and reborn as pants.  Created so that the original borders shine at the hem, down the middle, and in the waist band.

Inspired by 1930's beach pajamas.  Each pair one of a kind.  Flattering and comfortable, one fit loves sizes 6-12+.  Austin style with denim jackets, band t-shirts, or over a bathing suit on a hot day. Pair with sweaters and leather when baby it's cold outside.

Shiny satin and rich bright colors for evenings out.  Layer on the jewelry - pearls, coins, chains. Stand apart in a sea of little black dress.  Twirl in a circle and be prepared to draw attention.

Where did you get that amazing skirt?  It's pants - really!  That looks so great with your denim jacket.  Vintage denim jackets - recycled and always Austin. 

Twirl, dream and wear your art.

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