Selling these silks ONLINE is tough

It’s exciting to have an idea and bring it to life.  Working with partner Gia London, DreamCatchHer pants – that look like a maxi skirt and feel like you are wearing pajamas – are made using sustainable silks. 

Each pair is as unique as the vintage fabric they are created from.  Recycled Indian sarees that have been loved before are reborn.  Shiny satin or muted crepe, bold colors or soft, some with border prints and some more subdued.  Fabulous!  You have to see and touch them to know the differences.

 And THAT is a problem for this little shop.  When I was able to set up a tent people could see and touch the gorgeous pants designed based on 1930’s beach pajama.

But then the world shut down.

Please be patient.  Moving these beautiful pants to online is a work in progress.  My photos have evolved from mannequin shots, to waist down models to a studio pinup.  The colors are tricky and the intricate patterns in the silk weave hardly ever show up in the shots.

If you see something you like contact me.  Direct message, email, call or shout out loud.  I can send additional photos and describe the weight, drape, weave.  Please don’t give up on these amazing, sustainable pants.

I promise this – you will attract so many compliments and feel like turning in circles to show off your SKIRT.  You will have to tell them ( or not ) it’s PANTS. 

Give it a twirl.

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